Monday, December 28, 2015

Things to Do on Roatan, Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island beach
      When on Roatan recently, we decided to check out Fantasy Island Resort on a recommendation from our neighbor at the Resort at Palmetto Bay. We are always looking for a new beach to try out and Roatan has a lot of them, one more beautiful than the next. Fantasy Island Resort offers a day pass and is a short drive from our home in Palmetto Bay. They offer two options, $15 for use of the beach, pool, kayaks and lounge chairs, including towels. The second option, which we chose, as we were planning on spending the day, was $30 and included the previously mentioned items along with a buffet lunch.
     We got there about 10:30 am and had our pick of chaise lounges and palapas on the beach. The beach was clean and the water was sparkling shades of blue. The turtle grass, so prevalent on the island, didn't start until about 25 feet out from the shore so swimming was not an issue. The water was calm and the swimming area, which was huge, was roped off so there was no worry about boats. The pool was a little small and we did not go in it, as we came for the beach and that is where we stayed.  The bathrooms and the outdoor showers were easily accessible.  
     The lunch is served either upstairs in the main building or at the open air palapa on the beach. Unfortunately, since we were there off season, the palapa wasn't open so we had to eat in the main building. The lunch buffet was good, with enough variety to satisfy everyone. You could chose to eat inside or outside on a shaded deck overlooking the beach with a beautiful view. A soda, dessert and coffee were included in the lunch.
     The rest of the day was spent lounging on the beach, swimming and walking around the paths on the property with beautiful views around every bend. There are supposedly monkeys, which we never saw and some chickens, which we did see. I guess the chickens were lonely for company as they planted themselves by our chairs for the day.
We also did not snorkel off the gazebo, which I understand is amazing, because on that side of the resort, the water that day was a little rough for children so I didn't let my daughter and her friend go. Maybe next time.
     While visiting Roatan, rent the Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay, our beautiful, updated 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa with private pool and steps from the beach. Check us out.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Roatan Renovations, Long Distance part 3

     As you may have seen on previous blog posts, we bought a beautiful Bali inspired three bedroom, two bath villa, The Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay on the gorgeous island of Roatan, one of the Bay Islands in Honduras. Though it was built in 2008, it needed a little freshening up. We all know how that goes, one thing leads to another, and before you know it, freshening up turns into renovations.

Front Yard

     When we bought the villa, we loved the fact that it was in a lush tropical setting, yet only steps to the beach. However, with the lushness of all the tropical plantings, comes welcome shade. Welcome when we are outside, but not as welcome when we are inside, though it does keep the villa cool. We thought the main living space of the villa was a little dark, dark walls, dark furniture and dark cushions, and of course all that beautiful local wood on the doors, floors and ceilings.

Before of living room

Roatan vacation rental dining room
After of dining room
My idea to lighten it up was to order new furniture that wasn't so dark and paint the walls. I asked our great management team for a recommendation of a painter, and Rabbit, (that is his name) came by the same day while we were still on Roatan. I wanted the two accent walls in the living room painted a coral color to pick up the colors in the new furniture, and I wanted the rest of the living space, which includes the dining area and kitchen, a linen white. Rabbit gave me a great price, which included the paint and said he could start the next day. (While things on the island are expensive since everything must be shipped in, labor is very reasonable, almost cheap by our standards.)
Roatan vacation rental breakfast bar
After of breakfast bar
However, since we were there for twelve days on a semi working, semi vacation family time, I didn't want to deal with the mess and smell. However, because my husband wanted to mount the TV on one of the accent walls, we agreed to let Rabbit paint the two accent walls the next day and he would finish the rest of the job once we went back to the states. We went to ACE Hardware on the island and picked out Mango Tango as the accent color. Rabbit came the next day and after smoothing out some rough spots and filling in some holes, he painted the two walls and did a most professional job. We loved the look. My husband mounted the TV the next day and we were so happy and couldn't wait for the rest of the living space to be painted once we were gone.

Roatan vacation rental living room
After of living room

     As we continued to enjoy our new villa, we started looking closely at the walls in the bedrooms and bathrooms. One bathroom was painted a hideous shade of red that photographed poorly and didn't match all the new linens that I had just purchased. Well as I said, one thing leads to another so we called Rabbit back and got a great price from him to paint the interior of the whole villa. We agreed that he could come in the following week when we were gone and he would do the job.

Before of master bedroom

     Gulp, knowing what I control freak I am, this was not going to be easy. He would paint while we were gone and all I could think about was what could go wrong. He could spill paint on my new furniture, he could take my money and disappear, he could use the wrong colors, the list goes on and on. Before we left to head home, I put painters tape on all the walls with the names of the colors we had chosen. My manager assured us that Rabbit was very dependable and honest and we knew from the two accent walls that he did great work.

Roatan vacation rental master bedroom
After of master bedroom

After of master bath

Before of 3rd bedroom
     Well the job is finally done and it looks great, I am told. Clay, our manager, sent us pictures and all I can say is, don't let a guy photograph a new paint job. I got pictures of pieces of wall with the new paint, not whole room pictures so I can see how everything looks with the furniture and new linens. In Clay's defense, I know he is spending many hot hours in our backyard putting in our new pool. Friends of ours from home are going to our villa next week and she is taking my camera with her to get some photographs for me, thanks Dawn. In the time being, here are a few before and after photographs. Enjoy and stay tuned for part 3. If you want to rent this beautiful, three bedroom, two bath Roatan vacation villa, with a new private pool and steps from the beach, please contact us.
After of 3rd bedroom

Monday, November 2, 2015

Roatan Renovation, Long Distance part 2

    As you know from my previous posts, we recently bought a vacation rental on the beautiful Caribbean island of Roatan, The Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Bali inspired villa on over a half acre of land set amid lush tropical gardens and just steps from the beach. Trying to update and refresh our new vacation home, I decided some new furniture in the living and dining area would help tremendously. The living room furniture was dark and had seen better days. The dining room only had seating for 4 though the house could sleep 6, plus it too was very dark and worn out.
     Before leaving the island on the trip where we put an offer on our home, and having heard it was accepted, we decided to stop at a furniture store on the island to see what they could do for us. At Atocha, in French Harbour, we met Nicole who was very helpful. There is not a lot of furniture on the floor as we have in stores back in the states, but Nicole gave me her card and told me to look online at the furniture of a company that she thought would fit my needs.
Living room
Dining table for 6
     Once we got home, I went to work. I wanted to have all my decisions made on the furniture so that as soon as we closed, I could place my order. I wanted the new furniture there when we went back in 2 months. Of course, I am completely forgetting that furniture will have to be shipped from the states, or the mainland of Central America and that will take time and money. I found some furniture I liked and contacted Nicole for a price quote. Wow, the cost was surprising and when I questioned her, she broke it down for me. It was the shipping that was causing the price to be so high. I guess I just figured the furniture store would cover the cost, ah, no. I then went to work again and looked for furniture online that shipped to Roatan, Honduras. Surprisingly, there were numerous options. However, when I investigated further, you were still responsible for all the shipping charges and while they would recommend a freight forwarder, it was still your responsibility to set everything in motion. I contacted my freight forwarder, see my blog post, Long Distance part 1, to get an estimate of the shipping charges. Well, that blew my mind when I got the estimate. I had only previously sent boxes and thus had no idea what large pieces of furniture would cost. When I added the freight charges to the cost of the furniture, it was comparable to what Atocha, the furniture store on Roatan, was charging. In addition, dealing with a local store gave me somewhere to turn if something went wrong, not so with dealing with a company in the US and shipping it myself. Also, they would deal with the shipping headache and customs, I wouldn't have to do a thing.
New barstools overlooking kitchen
     I decided to go ahead and order from Atocha and boy was I glad I did. When I worried if the furniture would fit, I never thought to measure rooms before we left, Santana, the manager/owner, actually went to my home and took measurements. He made recommendations for the design of the space and had the furniture manufacturer send me samples of the fabric and wood finish I was interested in. Remember, I am doing all this while back in the states and it is hard for me to give up control and put my home in the hands of others. But I must say, I am glad I did. The furniture was delivered the day after we got to Roatan, and they unwrapped and set it all up. Santana even showed up during this time to supervise the placement of the furniture and make sure we were happy. Yes, we are very happy, thank you Atocha, Santana, and Nicole.
     When visiting Roatan, rent our beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa with private pool just steps from the beach.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Roatan Renovations, Long Distance part 1

     We recently bought a vacation home at the Resort at Palmetto Bay on the beautiful island of Roatan. Roatan is renowned for its scuba diving and snorkeling as the Meso American reef is just steps off shore. Roatan is also easy to get to with direct flights from the United States and certain cities in Europe. It is largely still undeveloped and undiscovered but with now sometimes up to 4 cruise ships a day coming into port, that will soon change. We thought it was the perfect time to invest in a warm weather property. We already own a vacation condo in a ski resort but we are sick of the cold and my husband doesn't ski.
     So in April 2015, while on vacation in Roatan, we bought a beautiful, Bali inspired home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on over 1/2 acre of tropical gardens just steps from the beach. Having been built in 2008, it was in pretty good shape but could use some simple updating. But we all know how that goes, one thing leads to another, and before you know it, you have spent a ton of money and are working on a complete makeover. If the money being spent and the stress of a renovation isn't enough, add to it that I am trying to do this long distance, and well, you can imagine many sleepless nights worrying.
     All I can say so far in this process is, thank goodness for my wonderful management team of Heather and Clay at and the wonderful people at the freight forwarder,  Dip Shipping. Without them, none of this would be possible and I can guarantee you I would end up with more gray hair than I already have.
     Since I had no idea what a freight forwarded is and if I even needed one, I decided to dedicate  Roatan Renovation, long distance part 1 to the issue and hopefully  help those that also decide to do a renovation long distance. I assumed, incorrectly of course, that whatever I couldn't find on the island for our home, I could just ship it via UPS or FedEx from the states to our home on Roatan. Wrong. First, I found out that there are no street names or addresses on the island. OK, so first issue, how to I address a box without an address? Then I find out that the mail service is totally unreliable on Roatan. Unless you stop by the post office and ask if you have any packages, the package could just sit there for months. If someone that works there knows you, they might pick up the phone and let you know you have a package. Not the best and safest way to send expensive fixtures and the like to Roatan. Hence, enter a freight forwarder.
     Based on the recommendation of my management team, again, another reason to have a good one, I contacted Dip Shipping who are headquartered in Florida but have other shipping ports for those not living on the east coast of the US. The owner, Maria, walked me through the whole process. I send any packages to myself at their address in Florida. They will then measure and weigh it, add insurance for you if you want, and then invoice it to you and you pay them. I gave them my credit card number which was easier for me as in total I sent 12 boxes and 4 appliances through them. They put the box in a sealed container, which goes on a ship with other containers going to Roatan and it gets there in about 5 days. When the container arrives in Honduras, it takes another few days to go through customs, which Dip handles and then Dip Shipping delivers right to your front door, or in my case, across the street to my management company's front door. How convenient is that? Besides the boxes, I sent a 48 inch TV, a full size range and a full size washer and dryer. Everything arrived in perfect condition.
     Just a few issues to be aware of here in the US. You are responsible for getting everything to Florida on your dime. Thus, when I ordered the appliances, I went through a big box store that had free delivery. They delivered everything to Florida for me and I had to just pay for the shipping to Roatan. However, I ran into a snag when I tried to order the TV through Best Buy who also offers free shipping. The order would not go through and when I called Best Buy, I was told they would not ship to a freight forwarder because of potential scams. Seriously? I ending up going into my local Best Buy and the helpful customer service person was able to some how do it and I got the TV to Florida on Best Buy's dime. Last but not least, I learned this last lesson the hard way. When buying a lot of smaller items, pack them yourself and ship them via UPS or FedEx, whatever you prefer, regardless of whether the store you are shopping at offers free shipping. I was buying a lot of items such as towels and sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond that also offered free shipping. The problem is, they would ship just 1 or 2 items in a box as they became available and Dip Shipping charges for every box, regardless of weight. So what I could have packed into 1 or 2 boxes ended up being 7 or 8 boxes that I had to pay for. It would have been cheaper to pack them myself. Oh well, live and learn and all the rest of the next items I sent, were packed by me and I paid the shipping to Florida. Much cheaper in the long run to pay the UPS shipping for 1 or 2 boxes and then paying Dip Shipping for 8 or 9 boxes.
     I hope this helps you understand the process better. Next up, the ongoing renovation, long distance part 2. Stay tuned.
     In the meantime, if you want to rent this tropical oasis, please contact us.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diving 2000 Feet Underwater in Roatan

     Diving 2000 feet underwater in Roatan, impossible you say. Read this article from David Jenison and be amazed.

deGeneration X: Diving 2,000 Feet Underwater

     When on Roatan, stay at the Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa that has recently been updated with a private pool and mere steps from the beach, dock, dive shop, restaurant and bar.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Things to Do on Roatan, Mahogany Bay

    On a recent trip to  Roatan, we decided to check out Mahogany Bay, Carnival's cruise ship port on the island. The cruise ship port in Coxen Hole can only handle 2 ships at a time so a few years back, Carnival spent $62 million on a new port that can hold 2 more ships. It is located east of the airport and encompasses some 18 acres.
     One afternoon, while we were out driving around, we decided to turn down the road to the port. However, when we got there, it was gated and closed as no ships were in port. Intrigued, we decided to come back on a day when there was a ship in and thus would be open. We got some good advice from the locals, go around 10 or 11 am when most of the cruise ship passengers were where they wanted to be. Any earlier and you ran the risk of running into mobs of people and tour buses, same with later in the afternoon when passengers were rushing to get back on board before the ship departed.
     So, one cruise ship day when we needed a break from the sun, we pulled down the road, and sure enough, the gate was open. We expected to be stopped by the guards as we had heard they are very strict about letting non cruise ship sanctioned tour guides in, but they just waved us through. We drove into the complex and parked. We took a short walk up to the main port area. The shopping area is set around a central square and offers duty free shopping with over 30 retailers. We were expecting the prices to be more expensive as they have a captive audience but we were pleasantly surprised. The prices were the same if not cheaper for some things we were looking for to furnish our villa in Roatan. After shopping, we stopped for some gelato at a stand in the center courtyard. We also saw a bar/restaurant there too.
     Mahogany Bay also has its own beach with a chair lift down to the beach. You can also walk down. We did not check out the beach but from the pictures, it looked really nice, a lot nicer than some other ports I have seen. I am not sure if non cruise ship passengers can use the beach as I sent an inquiry to Carnival, but they never responded. They also offer zip lining right on the premises too.
     Next time, when you need a break from the sun, or it is raining and you are looking for something to do that doesn't cost anything, stop by Mahogany Bay and take a look around. You will be pleasantly surprised.
     Mahogany Bay is only a short drive from the Resort at Palmetto Bay and the Tropical Garden Villa, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa for rent.

Monday, August 31, 2015

When on Roatan, Eat Lionfish

      On a recent trip to the beautiful island of Roatan, I kept seeing lionfish on restaurant menus and a lot of all you can eat lionfish frys. There is even a Lionfish Derby set for late summer, with prizes given for the one who catches the most lionfish and one for whomever catches the biggest lionfish. Being a huge lover of all kinds of fish to eat, but never having heard of lionfish, I started to ask around. I found out that restaurants were pushing the fish on menus and fishermen were encouraged to catch this creature. But why? Well, I soon found out. I  did some research on the Internet and learned more about this very unusual but tasty fish.
     Lionfish are native to the Indio-Pacific, but are now established along the southeast coast of the US, Caribbean and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico. It seems that lionfish were accidentally introduced into the Atlantic ocean in Florida around 1997. I am not sure how that happens. Oops I just dropped my pet fish in the ocean?
     Since they are not native to Atlantic waters, they have very few predators. They are carnivores that feed on small crustaceans and fish, including the young of important commercial species such as snapper and grouper. Thus, this invasive lionfish population will continue to grow as once they invade, they are very hard to eliminate. Non native species can dramatically affect native ecosystems and local fishing economies. Since the 2nd largest industry on Roatan, next to tourism, is fishing, let's do all we can to keep the populations of lionfish down. So, when in Roatan, eat lots of lionfish.
     Also, when in Roatan, stay at the Tropical Garden Villa, a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa with private pool and just steps from the beach.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Buying Real Estate in Roatan

     It had always been my dream to own a vacation home in a foreign country. I hoped to visit it often, and even trade it for 2 weeks vacation in another location that I wanted to visit. We already own a ski condo across the country from us but don't visit often. It was purchased as more of an investment. I love to travel outside of the US and had been collecting information for years about purchasing a vacation home in Italy. Watching HGTV's House Hunters International only fueled that desire more. People were buying run down villas for $ 40,000 and fixing them up. I thought, I could do that. Then we started visiting South and Central America and saw so much more potential in real estate there. The real estate prices were cheaper and for us, it was easier to get to, closer to the US in case of a medical emergency, and in some cases there was no time difference, a huge plus. In Ecuador, Panama and Belize, we would look at property in tourist destinations, but without a real plan, we got nowhere fast. Then enter Roatan.
     Being a certified scuba diver, I had been familiar with Roatan for years, and we were planning a trip during my daughter's school break in April. Most of my friends had never heard of it but from everything I read, it was becoming more popular, especially with the new cruise ship terminal, Mahogony Bay. Now was the time to buy before it got discovered. So I started my research. I found that there was a Multiple Listing Service, MLS, on the island and US branded real estate companies along with many local companies. I started checking out the MLS and saw there were many properties in our price range, both free standing homes and condos. Our requirements were simple, 2 bed, 2 bath, beach access and a pool. Never having been there, I wasn't sure of the location we should chose but I know us, we are not party people and prefer peace and quiet yet need to be close to shops and restaurants. I found many listings all over the island and figured once we were there, we could get a feel for the areas and make a decision then.
     Now to find an agent. One local agency seemed to be all over the Internet and had a lot of the listings on the MLS so I sent them an email outlining what we were looking for and our budget. Basically what I got in a return email was a kiss off. I was told if that was my budget, I should look elsewhere. What??? I knew from my extensive research that they were many properties that fit my criteria and budget on Roatan. Oh well, time to move on. Next I decided to forgo a local company and try the US branded companies. I reached out to both and got calls back almost immediately. Both seemed good and answered all my questions though one kept pushing a complex that I was not interested in as it was not on or near a beach. As we would email back and forth, that same agent kept pushing that same complex so I moved on to the other agent, Marisol, from Century 21, who really listened to me and what we were looking for. She sent me listings and answered many questions from me on property I saw on MLS, steering me away from properties that had issues.  Before we left for Roatan, we gave her our list of top properties we were interested in seeing and she set everything up for us. Again, because we weren't familiar with all the locations, we had properties all over the island we wanted to see.
     We stayed at Infinity Bay on West Bay Beach and were glad we did because we realized it was not for us. West Bay Beach is beautiful, but crowded, noisy and the beach is narrow. When the cruise ships came in, it got even worse. Time to cross the West Bay condos off our list. Marisol picked us up the 2nd day of our trip at our condo and showed us many properties that fit our criteria. We saw houses and condos and realized condos weren't for us nor were freestanding homes not in gated communities. Then we went to the Resort at Palmetto Bay, a gated community of Bali inspired homes. We loved the location, the north shore about midway on the island, peaceful and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of West End and West Bay, but close enough to get to all that Roatan has to offer. In addition, we figured development could only move eastward, thus hopefully making our home appreciate in value. Before we left home, the MLS had 4 homes at Palmetto for sale but when we got there a few days later, 2 were already under contract. We viewed the remaining 2 homes and fell in love with one, of course the one that was more expensive and over our budget. On the ride back to West Bay we decided to put an offer in on the expensive house at Palmetto. We asked Marisol to put the offer in for a price much below asking but what we could afford. We figured we did really like the other house also, and it was much cheaper, so if this offer wasn't accepted, we always had the other house to fall back on. We expected to return home and wait for a response to the offer but within a day, we received a counter offer and after some minor negotiation, the house was ours. Marisol then offered to take us back to Palmetto so we could more carefully inspect the home as home inspections are not common on Roatan. We took her up on the offer and went back on our last day of vacation with our cameras. We met one of the managing companies at Palmetto, there are about 4, and decided to go with them as they seemed on the ball and trustworthy.
     We went back to the states and handled all the closing paperwork, insurance, etc, through email and with the help of Marisol, who also recommended a Honduran attorney to handle the legal matters. Everything went off without a hitch and we are now the proud owners of the Tropical Garden Villa, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home at the Resort at Palmetto Bay.
     If you are looking for property on Roatan, I highly recommend Marisol Johnson at Century 21
She can be reached at
     Stay at the Tropical Garden Villa while you search for that perfect home.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Things to do on Roatan, Channin Bodden Tours

     When you get tired of laying on the beach or swimming in your own private pool at the Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay, take a land or sea tour with Channin Bodden Tours. Channin Bodden Tours is one of the top rated tour companies on Trip Advisor and very well deserved. Channin and his wife, Kemberlee will custom design a tour to meet your specific needs. The first time we booked with them, Kemberlee took us on a tour of the island, going all the way to the east end of the island to Camp Bay. Along the way, she filled us in on the history of the island and explained all the sights we were seeing. When we got out to the east end, we had lunch in a small hut on stilts in the water. We had the place all to ourselves and it was beautiful, peaceful and serene. The food was good too, but that is a subject for another day. We stopped at Paya Bay for a quick swim and had the gorgeous, pristine beach all to ourselves. Kemberlee had a cooler in the back of her air conditioned SUV with cold water and drinks for us. What a great way to see the island.
     On our next visit to Roatan, we booked a snorkeling trip with them. Channin and his captain, Carl picked us up in his boat right at our dock at the Resort at Palmetto Bay. He gave us a choice of snorkeling spots, taking into consideration my 10 year old daughter's wishes. All the snorkeling spots Channin offers are away from the mob of boats that can ruin a snorkel experience but still offer some of the best undersea experiences. When we were snorkeling, every time I looked up, Channin was right near my daughter, keeping an eye on her even though she is a good swimmer. I really appreciated that as sometimes I would get so caught up in the beautiful undersea world, I would lose track of time and where I was. Channin and Carl made it a point to show us different things underwater, starfish, lobster, huge groupers and all manner of sea life and coral. Back on the boat, Channin had a cooler of cold drinks and snacks for us. The boat is also equipped with life jackets. We spent an enjoyable morning with Channin and Carl, exploring the undersea world, and back on the boat, seeing Roatan from the water. An experience not to miss.

Here are just some of the colorful sea life we saw.  I just can't ever seem to get the fish to stand still and pose for me, oh well, maybe next time.

Sea Cucumber


Check out Channin on Facebook at
If you want a place to stay that is serene and peaceful on Roatan, check out our home. For more information, contact us at

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Awesome Roatan Speciality Grocery Store

     When you are on Roatan, stop by the Bulk Gourmet in French Harbour. The Bulk Gourmet is a speciality grocery store that stocks a lot of things imported from the US. The real draw, however, is the chef who prepares breakfast and lunch. Besides picking up your provisions, you can also stop in for breakfast or lunch, eat in or take out. Everyday, the chef prepares a different special and boy are they good. The menu of sandwiches is extensive and very good also. They post their specials on their Facebook page so keep an eye out for your favorites. If you have a sweet tooth, try one of the chef's house made desserts, either by the slice or whole cake or pie. For $12, I got a whole key lime pie that was probably one of the best I ever ate, and believe me, I know desserts. They also stock wine and liquor, and some of the best bug spray, made on the island. Check them out on Facebook at or on the web at

     The Bulk Gourmet is located directly across the island from the Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay, just a quick 10 minute drive. Bring your breakfast or lunch special back to your villa and enjoy it on the screened in porch, and then work off the delicious desserts with a long walk on the beach.

Welcome to The Bulk Gourmet, a Duty Free Wholesale Food Importing Company located in French Harbour, on Roatan, Honduras.
We offer the finest Imported USDA Black Angus Beef, poultry and seafood; the Island’s most extensive selection of wines, liquors, and Specialty Beers, Specialty items including Gluten Free and Ethnic Foods and a great selection of cheeses, frozen fruits and pastries. We will Special Order anything you need. Just stop by or give us a call.
We look forward to seeing you!
Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Liquor: 504.9937.6762
Food Sales: 504.9510.7361
Para Espanol:  504.9510.7352
Special Orders: 504.9510.7361