Saturday, August 8, 2015

Things to do on Roatan, Channin Bodden Tours

     When you get tired of laying on the beach or swimming in your own private pool at the Tropical Garden Villa at the Resort at Palmetto Bay, take a land or sea tour with Channin Bodden Tours. Channin Bodden Tours is one of the top rated tour companies on Trip Advisor and very well deserved. Channin and his wife, Kemberlee will custom design a tour to meet your specific needs. The first time we booked with them, Kemberlee took us on a tour of the island, going all the way to the east end of the island to Camp Bay. Along the way, she filled us in on the history of the island and explained all the sights we were seeing. When we got out to the east end, we had lunch in a small hut on stilts in the water. We had the place all to ourselves and it was beautiful, peaceful and serene. The food was good too, but that is a subject for another day. We stopped at Paya Bay for a quick swim and had the gorgeous, pristine beach all to ourselves. Kemberlee had a cooler in the back of her air conditioned SUV with cold water and drinks for us. What a great way to see the island.
     On our next visit to Roatan, we booked a snorkeling trip with them. Channin and his captain, Carl picked us up in his boat right at our dock at the Resort at Palmetto Bay. He gave us a choice of snorkeling spots, taking into consideration my 10 year old daughter's wishes. All the snorkeling spots Channin offers are away from the mob of boats that can ruin a snorkel experience but still offer some of the best undersea experiences. When we were snorkeling, every time I looked up, Channin was right near my daughter, keeping an eye on her even though she is a good swimmer. I really appreciated that as sometimes I would get so caught up in the beautiful undersea world, I would lose track of time and where I was. Channin and Carl made it a point to show us different things underwater, starfish, lobster, huge groupers and all manner of sea life and coral. Back on the boat, Channin had a cooler of cold drinks and snacks for us. The boat is also equipped with life jackets. We spent an enjoyable morning with Channin and Carl, exploring the undersea world, and back on the boat, seeing Roatan from the water. An experience not to miss.

Here are just some of the colorful sea life we saw.  I just can't ever seem to get the fish to stand still and pose for me, oh well, maybe next time.

Sea Cucumber


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